Here are some pictures from our recent jobs. Featuring various handcrafted full scribe log homes and log cabins.

Slokana Log Homes built this week-end log home near Vitanje, Slovenia.

Slokana Log Homes - Rogla Slovenia

Our featured log cabin was built not far from the Rogla ski hill in Slovenia. The snow was starting to fall during the October 2007 build. This 1109 sq ft plan is now called the Slovenia. To view the floor plans click here.

Slokana Log Homes _Rogla Slovenia

This log cabin features an open spacious design with 2 bedrooms upstairs and a beautiful full rock basement and wine cellar. To see our photo stream of this home click here.

Slokana Log Homes

Mike guiding a log floor joist into place while building a home near Celista, B.C.

Mike guiding floor joist

Mike placing a log purlin for the roof.

Mike placing Log Purlin

An example of a handcrafted log king truss.

Exxample of King Truss

A custom staircase that works well where space is limited.

Small  log staircase example

The Slokana hat is fashionable.

Slokana Hat

We can also build with "Dovetail Notch".

Mike Slokana - Slovenia picture

More pictures of homes built by Slokana Log Homes in Slovenia.

Slokana Log Home in Slovenia
Slokana hancrafted log home.
Picture of a hancrafted Log Home

A great way to celebrate in Slovenia when the log home is complete.

Time to celebrate in Slovenia
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